Introduction of ST1
The point reading pen set control the movement of robots with various configurations through a pen.This product is for young children and preschool children as robot enlightenment education, combined with teaching courses, so that children can exercise logical thinking and robot introductory knowledge.
Design concept
It can feel the joy of reading pen early childhood education, and also can learn the robot operation knowledge. It is a product with advanced concept of preschool programming.

product features

  • point-to-read programming

    reading and issuing operation instructions by the pen
  • Variable shapes

    DIY various shapes, improve imagination ability
  • One thing to play more

    Applying STEAM Education to Meet the Assembly Demand of Various Machinery Devices
  • Enrich content

    each case contains enlightenment knowledge
Use scenario
When the point reading pen recognizes the content of the designated area, the building blocks are driven by motors to achieve the corresponding action. Teachers can easily teach the children the case of intelligent programming building blocks and the book graphics, improve the children's practical ability, observation ability and hand-eye coordination ability in many ways.