Introduction of SE1
Enlightening children's physics knowledge through building block gear structure, provide the building brochure can make children more familiar with all kind of blocks.
Design concept
Building blocks is beneficial to children’s imagination, using many different types of building blocks together to build’s conducive to cultivate their imagination and creativity.

product features

  • Structural safety

    It’s suitable for children over 3 years old, easy to assemble and safe in structure.
  • Building blocks

    Primary class courses are using pure building blocks.
  • Educational Enlightenment

    Enlightening children's physics knowledge through learning building block gear structure
  • Thinking Innovation

    Every case contains enlightenment knowledge.
Usage scenario
Especially suitable for children's entertainment in daily life. Parents can play with their children to promote parent-child relationship. In the process of playing, children's thinking and ability can be exercised, which is one of the growth gifts given to children by parents.