KAZI Robotics Training college

KAZI Robotics Training College is a School run directly by KAZI Science and Education corporation, adhering to the essence of international STEAM education, focusing on the domestic "preschool to junior high school STEAM education field". Through independent research and development of unique curriculum design and intelligent robot teaching aids, we provide personalized STEAM education services for students aged 3-12 years old, help children master the use of multiple knowledge such as machinery, electronics, software, bionics and the ability to deal with unknown problems in play exploration, and ultimately realize the belief of "future in wisdom, wisdom in future".

Design concept

Play first, then do

Let students experience and understand relevant concepts in practical activities, and most importantly, stimulate students' thirst for knowledge and cultivate thinking skills.

Student aid resources to Meet Needs

Providing effective learning aid resources is to meet the learning needs of different students and reduce the workload of teachers' teaching guidance.

Teaching guidance and discipline linkage

In the instructional design, students are guided step by step from the primary goal to the advanced goal, so as to achieve the goal of linking up disciplines.

Recording track, creative development

Guiding students to record the process of activities and creative ideas, are the growth track and cultivate creative expression ability which will help teachers to understand students in an all-round way.


Advantages of KAZI

Independent research and development the Intelligent teaching Instruments
Professional curriculum system
International STEAM education concept
Strong teachers team
Gamification programming Learning
Multiple directional knowledge coverage
Cultivation of comprehensive scientific and technological ability
Domestic and foreign competition platforms