Achieve children's science and technology dream
KAZI encourages and organizes students and adolescent robot enthusiasts to participate in domestic and international robotic competitions, and provides professional technical guidance for cooperative schools, so as to expand the influence of Maker education and STEAM education, and create a strong innovative practice atmosphere for schools.
Developing autonomous learning ability

Before participate the competition, students need to comprehend the theme and rules of the competition, and think over the various situations and corresponding plans that may be encountered in the course of the competition, so as to cultivate children's active participation consciousness.

Exercise teamwork ability

In the process of participating in the competition, through communication, discussion and scheme design, to build and assemble robot together to train students' teamwork cooperation ability.

Shaping a brave personality

Students stand in front of the crowd to participate in the competition, face different eyes, expressions, cultivate students to face the public, calm and brave attitude!

Promoting competitive consciousness

Game is competition, through competition to find the gap, cultivate competition consciousness, find the gap, shortage, and promote learning.

Enhancing logical thinking ability

Students need to program the participating robots and constantly think about the logical relationship of tasks in the process of programming, so as to enhance their logical thinking ability.

Stimulating the ability of imagination and creation

In the course of the competition, free creation and model building, entries from scratch, for each student, take part in match is a good opportunity to stimulate creativity and improve hands-on ability.