Introduction of KP2
Science popularizing is a product specially developed for primary and secondary schools in order to popularize steam education. This series products is convenient for students to understand the basic knowledge of robots and the introduction of programming. Through a variety series products from easy to complicated, gradually understand the mechanical principle of robots to introductory learning of robot programming.It is very suitable for Science popularizing training and learning series products.
Design concept
STEAM education is a practice-oriented concept of trans-disciplinary education. Any success depends not only on the realization of a certain ability, but also on a variety of abilities. Therefore, therefore specially developed a product of popularizing STEAM education.

product feature

  • Rich play

    Rich play methods, used in steam course
  • Expansibility

    Compatible with Lego building blocks, strong expansion ability
  • Interesting learning

    By building cases to learn physics and mathematics knowledge, add power module driver, make learning more interesting.
  • School-based Curriculum

    School-based curriculum revolution science popularizing special-instruments.
Usage scenario
Science popularizing set is a robot product that integrates STEAM education. This series of products are easy for students to understand the basic knowledge of robots and the introductory of programming. It is very suitable for popularizing science training and learning,which will be widely used in STEAM education and learning at all ages.