Introduction of KIDO
KIDO series is a programming product that can directly program and wired control robots on PC, mobile phone (Android, Ios). it included building blocks module, main controller, multiple sensors and Bluetooth USB receivers. It has up to 32 kinds of interesting configurations, so that students can easily understand the control principle of robots.
Design concept
Through the completion of programming projects, so that children can understand the principle of mechanical operation, learn the steps and methods of each project programming. Using modular design, children can quickly complete their own ideas through simple programming and rich accessories.

product features

  • Brain development

    Develop the Brain by edutainment.
  • Inspire creativity

    32 kinds of basics gameplay to inspire infinite creativity.
  • Multi-platform compatibility

    Compatible with multiple-platform programming software, more convenient operation
  • Iconic programming

    Iconic programming, simple and easy operation
  • Expansibility

    Compatible with Lego building blocks, strong expansion ability
  • Project-based Learning

    Project-based learning method, easy to learn mathematics, Engineering Technology
Usage scenario
KIDO set aims at the comprehensive development of children. Through reasonable mechanical construction and programming with modular programming language, children can learn modular programming language, improve their logical thinking ability, and learn comprehensive knowledge of physics, mathematics, computing and natural science in a pleasant atmosphere.