Introduction of KJ30020
EP1 series products are composed of electric motor, battery power supply and various building block components.It is a king of teaching building block to train the logical thinking of the brain in electric science and education physics enlightenment, Abundant building blocks can satisfy variety of mechanical devices building demands, fully train the children's practical and mental abilities.
Design concept
EP1 is a product that provides children to show their imagination ability, creativity, learning fun and knowledge acquisition, so that children can learn interestingly and grow happily.

product features

  • STEAM education

    using STEAM education to satisfy various machinery devices assembly demands.
  • Just in series

    Turn the scattered into an interrelated whole knowledge, easily digest and connect with each other.
  • Stimulate interest

    Movable machinery to inspire interest
  • Multiple play

    Promoting the all-round development of children by various playing methods
Usage scenario
EP1 series is a robot product that integrates STEAM education,interesting application of gears and levers to improve children's physics knowledge.