Introduction of KJ30010A
EV5 series is a product of multiple-functional intelligent programming robot which integrated a multiple-functional intelligent master controller, 5 different sensors, steering engine and gyroscope and a variety of building block accessories. This series of products have been fully applied in the steam course to cultivate students' scientific and technological literacy.
Design concept
Rich and perfect sensors and various building blocks components, with an open SCRATCH programming platform, can enable many robot enthusiasts and users to create robots with innovative consciousness and different characteristics.

Product feature

  • Full of Technology

    Full of mechanical sense, full of scientific and technological feeling
  • Main Controller Programming

    Programming operation with master controller, no need to use computer
  • Rich play

    Rich playing methods, used in steam course
  • Expansibility

    Compatible with Lego building blocks, strong expansion ability
Usage scenario
EV5 series is a robot product that integrates STEAM education. It can be used as an ideal teaching tool for the robotic children training and realize the transformation from ideal to reality in the classroom.